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Tom’s Return

As some of you may know, our distillery has been many things prior to being home to Stirling Gin. Originally it was a temperance hall! It then became a pre-school/nursery, it was then a wireless repair shop, then a blacksmith to now Stirling’s first legal distillery. On Sunday the 2nd of February the distillery was host to a visit from Tom Hatton and his daughter Ann-Marie. This was not Tom’s first time in the building; however, it is now a world away from how he remembered it.

Tom was born in 1942 and was brought up in the now demolished houses in Upper Castlehill Stirling. His home overlooked the back of our distillery. At this time the distillery was a pre-school/nursery, which Tom went on to attend. He remembers having only about 10 classmates, and the teacher being called Mrs Brass. The school was affiliated with St Mary’s Primary School, which was in the Raploch area of Stirling but is no longer open.

Tom is a true son of the Castle Rock. He told us many great stories about living in the area surrounding the distillery. He remembers the school having no toilet and that any light came from gas lamps. The school closed down circa 1950-51 when the children walked from the top of the town carrying their own chairs down to the then new St Mary’s School in the Raploch.

If anyone else has interesting stories relating to our building or local area that they wish to share with us, please get in touch.