Cask Sales – King James


Whisky production returns to the city of Stirling, in the heart of Scotland with our limited edition VI Casks for King James single malt whisky.

The six bottle set will comprise one bottle from six different flavoured casks – bourbon, sherry, port, rum, wine and madeira – and marks the distillery’s move into new-make whisky production.

We like to celebrate the rich history and folklore of our famous Scottish city through our product range. Because there is strong evidence that King James VI stabled his horses on the land the distillery is built on, the VI Casks for King James was created.

“If your preference is for rare bottles rather than investing in casks, then the limited edition VI Casks for King James is the perfect choice. I’m very conscious of cost and want the whisky to be affordable to enthusiasts like myself.” ~ Cameron

We were keen to evolve the distillery from gin to also being a whisky producer. Whisky hasn’t been produced in Stirling since 1852 when the original Stirling Distillery closed its doors. The VI Casks of King James whisky will be created in the first legal distillery to sit on the castle rock, in the shadow of Stirling Castle.

The distillery sits on the border of the highlands, so despite being a lowland distillery (a distillery situated south of a line running from the Clyde estuary to the River Tay), the whisky could be classified as lowland or highland.

June McCann spoke of the distillery’s whisky process;

“For us, the essential components for creating a truly special whisky are simple; from using only the best water, yeast and malted barley to the care that goes into hand selecting the best quality casks to develop the rich flavours. Whisky production is a delicate process that takes time, love and passion.” ~ June

The better the wood, the better the flavour. It’s that simple. As a small craft distillery, we are very conscious of the whisky barrels we use and have taken the time to choose our wood carefully. We have selected wood from locations all over the world to ensure the best flavour experience for our customers. The wonderful rich flavours of the barrels will infuse the new make spirit. We have put a key focus on where the whisky will be kept whilst it matures. The VI Casks for King James will be laid down in a traditional dunnage in sight of Stirling Castle to ensure minimal temperature variation between seasons.

The bottles will be released bi-annually from 2027. There will only be 300 bottles from a single cask and each set will cost £350. On purchasing a set, customers will get first refusal on any Stirling Distillery new-make whisky, receive a branded polo shirt, exclusive pin badge and will become a part of Stirling’s rich whisky history.

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