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Those of you that keep an eye on our newest projects may be aware of our latest experiment, For the Love of Stirling Gin. This aromatic flavour combines sweet and spicy to create an enjoyable lingering aftertaste.

Created by our head distiller Jordan, Stirling Valentine’s Gin was distilled using a range of 9 beautiful botanicals. Pink grapefruit and pink peppercorns have been added to create a smooth sweet taste. Habanero chillies were infused to give a fiery kick, followed by cardamom and rose to balance out the gin nicely. To give the gin it’s alluring colour it has been infused with hibiscus flowers. Combining all the ingredients gives this Valentine’s Gin a unique flavour that has the perfect level of sweetness.

Our striking label has been designed to go on every bottle. The label was originally created by the very talented Richie Collins for our old branding. Richie has since re-designed the label adding a twist of love for our Valentine’s gin.

The combination of the flavourful gin and eye-catching design compliments the gin perfectly.

For those who managed to get hold of a bottle, I hope you enjoy it. Try it over lots of ice with some premium tonic water and a slice of pink grapefruit. For those who unfortunatley missed out on a bottle, keep your eyes peeled for our next limited release.