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We recently ran a competition to celebrate Robert burns birthday and seek out our own poet.

The content had to include Stirling, Sons of Scotland and ideally our four distilleries of yesteryear which Sons of Scotland represent being – Arngibbon, Cashly, Stoneywood and Cambusbarron.
We are delighted to share our winning poem by Kerry Black


Sons of Scotland Whisky, is Scotland’s latest brand,
Drams of true distinction distilled in our braw land.
Aged in bourbon hogheads for eight long, glorious years,
Trusting in tradition brings tasters joyous tears.
They’re toasting to the future, using Stirling’s proud tradition,
With Arngibbon and Cashly as their first rendition.
You can taste the Highland tang in Cashly’s golden hues,
While Arngibbon’s warming malt evokes Speyside’s scenic views.
From the Lowlands to the Highlands they’re harvesting hope in a glass,
Stoneywood and Cambusbarron will be the next contenders in their class.Invoking ancient memories in a mellow, swirling mist,
Sons of Scotland Single Casks are truly hard to resist.

Neath the shadow of Stirling Castle, in this land of Wallace and Bruce,
Sons of Scotland Whisky lets your imagination run loose.
You can picture Rabbie Burns, sipping on this malt,
Dipping in his feathered quill, its powers tae exalt!
You can taste the salt of the seas, you can feel the gales in the glen,
Tippling on nostalgia, brings these drams to life again.
A magical elixir of grains and Scottish water,
Sons of Scotland Whisky is guaranteed to satisfy any son or daughter!