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Stirling Distillery puts Gin on hold to produce hand sanitiser for the local community #5NEWS


We have welcomed Laura our new Distiller this week. Laura was probably expecting her first day to be spent making lots of delicious gin, however, this wasn’t the case…

Since Laura started she has been helping us to make a huge amount of hand sanitiser. This is to help our local community and beyond.

The whole process started by conducting a lot of research to ensure we were up to date with the guidelines and production process. After that, we bought in all the supplies needed to get organised such as: the ingredients to go into the hand sanitiser, certain pieces of equipment to make the hand sanitiser, small bottles, large containers etc. Thankfully we already had the most important ingredient… Alcohol! Once everything arrived, we were then ready to go and begin the hand sanitiser production.

We are overwhelmed but delighted by the demand and are doing the very best we can to supply as many members of the public, charities, organisations, councils etc as we can. We have had a huge amount of interest locally and abroad from countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Belgium, France etc. We even had a visit from 5News and were featured in their news report. The video is above! They were very interested about the hand sanitiser procedure, meeting the team and finding out more about our Distillery.

In times like this, it is important the we all come together to help one another. We hope everyone is keeping safe and well.