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Stirling Distillery Funded Mental Health

Awareness Film Launched

The thought-provoking short film ‘Broken Glass: A fragile mind’ featuring The Bill star
Graham Cole OBE launches today, 1 st December for online streaming. The film had
its Scottish premiere in November at Stirling Distillery. The mental health awareness
film follows a retired police officer coming to terms with his undiagnosed PTSD

The film has been produced by not-for-profit social enterprise PTSD999 to raise
awareness of PTSD within the emergency services. Stirling Distillery was one of the
key sponsors of the film thanks to the money raised from their Gin Blue Line gin. The
gin was created in recognition of over 200 years of British policing. 20% of profits are
donated to support officers, both past and present, who suffer with PTSD.

Graham Cole attended the premiere as not only the star of the film but as president
of PTSD999 alongside Dany Cotton, the first female commissioner of the London
Fire Brigade who is the organisation’s official patron. In the 2004 New Year Honours,
Cotton became the first woman to be awarded the Queen’s Fire Service Medal,
given ‘for distinguished service’. In 2010, she was named by The Independent as
one of “100 women who changed the world”. The premiere was part of Stirling
SpiritFEST, the city’s annual celebration of Scottish spirits.

The messaging around the film and the support needed for those working in the
emergency services is clear. The general public are exposed to between four and six
traumas in their lifetime, whereas the emergency services attend between 600-800
traumatic incidents during their career. The short and long-term impact of this on
their mental health continues to be massively underestimated and more help is
needed for those who work in this field.

‘Broken Glass: A Fragile Mind’ can be streamed on YouTube via this link:

PTSD999, Graham Cole and Dany Cotton are working hard to raise awareness of
the support needed for emergency services staff, and ensure there is sufficient
advice and care available for those looking for help. Stirling Distillery agreed to
produce a gin that will raise vital funds to support their mission. So far their Gin Blue
Line has raised £5000 for mental health charities. PTSD999 is run entirely by
volunteers, the majority of whom have worked in the emergency services and
experienced trauma in their career. If you’re worried about a friend or loved one,

please contact PTSD999 either via email: support@ptsd999.org.uk or by telephone: