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Stirling Gin announces partnership with Scottish & Irish Yeomanry Regiment

Stirling Gin is proud to announce the partnership with the Scottish and Irish Yeomanry Regiment.

Locally known as the Gin of Stirling, Stirling Distillery was approached in November 2019 by the Scottish and Irish Yeomanry Regiment who were interested in collaborating with us to create a gin and brand new label specific to the Army. Thrilled to be working with the army Stirling Distillery shortly began discussing ideas and thoughts with two members of the Scottish and Irish Yeomanry Regiment. The Distillery Director Cameron McCann worked with Captain Simon Talbot and Major David Ronaldson to create a label to compliment all aspects of our gin and their regiment.

Captain Simon Talbot and Major David Ronaldson stated their interest in featuring the wolf that had been used previously in one of Stirling Gin’s limited-edition products. The Captain had spotted this design as he is one of the Distillery’s join the journey private members and was keen to put a different twist on the wolf for their gin.

The wolf design came from the bottle of the limited-edition winter gin. In October 2019, Forth Valley College graphic design department got in touch with us to ask if we would consider working with them on a project. With no hesitation we agreed as we needed a new design for our winter gin, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for them to create a bespoke label for us. The winning designer was Estelle Reding, who is an Erasmus student from Luxembourg. Her eye-catching label depicted the wolf of Stirling which integrates nicely with our Stirling theme as wolves have also been known in the past to roam the land as the protectors of Stirling.

After we launched the winter gin bottle with Estelle’s winning design on it, the Army contacted us as they had an idea of creating their own gin. Loving the wolf design that Estelle had created they asked if we would produce a gin for the regiment and if Estelle would create the label, using the wolf as the badge. We ensured the wolf symbol would be the main feature in this new label and that we would produce this gin to fit their expectations, incorporating the army and of course the wolf. Estelle was delighted to be part of this exciting project with the army and created an outstanding label of the wolf. It fitted the idea the army had for their label perfectly.

Captain Simon Talbot said:

‘It was important to us during the development of this joint venture that we were able to ensure we had demonstrable local links that also chimed with our identity. Stirling Gin, Stirling and its historic link to the Wolf and our cap badge made the perfect fit. Working with Stirling gin to develop our Regimental labelled gin has been a great experience from beginning to end. Efficient, accommodating and thoroughly professional. Stirling Gin have enabled us to create a uniquely branded bottle which stand the test of time.’

The regiment were delighted with the design and the label appoints the eyes of the wolf as wolves are said be respected as they watch out for people just like the army do. The exciting production then began. Firstly, distilling the gin in our Distillery, ordering the impeccable labels and finally bottling and waxing the pristine gin. It was named Wolves Head and the gin was departed to their new home on the 31stof January.

Cameron McCann, Stirling Gin Director stated:

‘We are delighted to be working with and supporting a branch of the armed forces and looking forward to continuing to support them in the future.’

Stirling Gin are delighted to support the local college and proud to support our armed forces.

If you would like more information regarding this project, please contact hello@stirlinggin.co.ukor 01786 596496