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Stirling Winter Gin

Those of you that keep an eye on our activities may have caught a glimpse of our latest experiment, Stirling Winter Gin. In a frantic festive flurry this gin flew out the distillery doors before we knew it.

Created by our head distiller Jordan, Stirling Winter Gin was distilled using traditional mulling spices like cinnamon and ginger alongside orange and lemon peels. The resulting gin was then macerated with fresh apples from Stirling Distillery founders’ Cameron and June’s garden to impart their colour and flavour. Both elements combined gave a warming gin with light and refreshing citrus notes.

If the gin wasn’t good enough, we had a bespoke label designed to go on every bottle. The label design project was undertaken by a group of graphic design students from Forth Valley College. All of the team at Stirling Distillery were really excited by the prospect of working with the local college to see what they came up with.

The winning designer, Estelle Reding, created a label featuring Stirling’s infamous wolf. Surrounded by a wreath of the gin’s botanicals and local monuments, the story of how the wolf saved Stirling’s Christmas is told on the back. 

Clearly the combination of great gin and great design hit the spot with those who tried it and batch one was finished in a matter of days. Rushing to make batches two and three meant more impatient waiting for the apples to impart their flavour.

For those who got their hands on a bottle, I hope you enjoy it. Try it with some ginger ale or swap out the whisky in your favourite hot toddy recipe. For those less fortunate, keep your eyes peeled for our next limited release.