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Stunning Stirling Stills


Here in our Distillery we have many beautiful copper stills. Flora, Linda, Jinty and our Jinsters. All the stills are named as it is good luck to name the still after a female member in your family. Our stills main component is copper. This is due to copper having many benefits, such as: Copper has an exceptionally good heat transfer so you don’t need to apply a lot of heat and you can save lots of energy. Secondly, it is really easy to manipulate the shape of copper so you can achieve lots of interesting designs. Thirdly, copper has the ability to bind to certain chemical compounds. The most important compound being sulfur. So, during distillation in the still, the copper will bind to the sulphur and pull it out of the liquid. This will make the liquid smoother and taste better as sulfur adds unappealing tasting notes to the gin. That is something you definitely don’t want.


Flora is our stunning handmade Portuguese copper still that we use twice a week to distil our four core products in our range. We do however have the flexibility to add extra distillations if needed such as busy periods like Christmas or after a release of a new product. Flora is our largest still and holds 150 litres. She is the work horse as she does the bulk of the work. It takes Flora 9 hours to distil our unique Stirling Gin and she produces around 170 bottles of Gin per distillation. She was named after June’s mother as she helped them at the beginning to get their business up and running.


Our second beautiful handmade copper still is Linda. She was named in memory of June’s sister who sadly passed away last year on the same day the stills arrived. Linda is medium sized and holds 30 litres. She has the same theory and design as Flora but has a different use. She is usually used for experimenting on. When we create a new recipe for a future product, we experiment with different botanicals and flavours in Linda as she can produce smaller quantities to taste. We don’t use Linda as frequently as Flora, so when we get the opportunity to experiment, we always have a lot of fun. A couple of times a year we launch a new seasonal gin, that is only available for a short period of time. When making our seasonal gin we use Linda as she is not only smaller than Flora, but also takes a significantly less time to distil, only 5 hours! This enables us to produce our product on a smaller scale and she can be distilled on multiple times which makes it a lot easier to perfect our recipe.


Jinty is another copper still of ours and is our smallest and oldest one. She holds 2.4 litres and is full of character and history. Jinty was the first still co-founders Cameron and June bought at the start of their journey back in 2015. At the beginning she was used frequently in Cameron and June’s home for creating and perfecting the Stirling Gin recipe and then went onto producing many bottles of the first ever batch of Stirling Gin. Jinty has worked incredibly hard creating gin over the past few years, so once the Distillery opened its doors in 2019 and Flora and Linda came on the scene, Jinty was able to retire. She now sits on display in the Distillery for everyone to see when they visit us.

The Jinsters:

The Jinsters are the collective name for all 6 of our mini 2.4 litre stills. Although they aren’t in the photo, the Jinsters look exactly like Jinty. They are used by the public every Saturday during our Gin School. This is when customers have the opportunity to come and enjoy the experience of creating their own unique gin. They learn the science of gin, are shown a selection of beautiful botanicals and they learn the process of distilling from their own still.