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The Ultimate Chocolate and Gin Tour

Winston Churchill once famously claimed that gin has saved more men’s lives and minds than all the doctors in Europe. Jo Brand, rather less famously, stated that anything is good if it’s made of chocolate. Seeing as gin has taken Scotland and the world by storm it was only a matter of time before someone put these two delectable treats together.

Gin and chocolate tastings are popping up in every drink-loving city in the country, swiftly catching up with more commonplace wine and food pairings and even tipping whisky and cheese nights into the yesteryear. It’s a marriage not many people saw coming but when you think about it, chocolate and gin play very well together. Gin is known for displaying an almost infinite number of botanical additions and with the help of garnishes there’s no limit to what can be expressed. Chocolate as a food base can be rich or subtle, creamy or spicy, and is only as good as the flavours imparted within. Who hasn’t jazzed up their evening hot chocolate with a helping of cinnamon or the lightest touch of chilli? And who hasn’t had a gin cocktail sweetened with gomme syrup (hello Tom Collins) or a gin Bloody Mary with a great dollop of Tabasco? If you haven’t, I suggest you go out immediately and get to it.

We have officially released our Battle Strength Tours at Stirling Distillery and along with a sample of our 55% gin comes three bespoke chocolates deliberately paired with three of our spirits. Crafted by the sensational Maley’s Chocolates in Falkirk, every last ingredient has been carefully selected for the very best flavours. A salted caramel truffle compliments the powerful pepper and citrus hit in our Battle Strength Gin and leaves a gorgeous crema on the tongue that helps to quiet the juniper. Our Red Cap raspberry liqueur has been infused in a raspberry and lemongrass truffle that combines sweet and sharp flavours for an incredible taste experience. And our Green Lady mint and bramble liqueur has found its way into a chocolate and bramble jam truffle the likes of which you won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Gin and chocolate tastings are definitely here to stay but there will always be new pairings on the horizon. Perhaps we’ll be seeing gin and fried chicken by the end of the year? Maybe someone will crack open a bottle and match it with foie gras.

For now though, we’ll enjoy our boozy chocolates.