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Stirling Single Malt Scotch Whisky
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The Perfect Storm

For us, the essential components to/in creating a truly special whisky are simple; from using only the best water, yeast and malted barley to the care that goes into hand selecting the best quality casks to develop the rich flavours. We have also put a key focus on where we will keep the whisky whilst it matures. The location of where you lay down the casks will ensure a premium product.

Whisky production is a delicate process that takes time, love and passion. Here we explain the process behind the creation of our first new-make whisky…

Our Wood Policy

The better the wood, the better the flavour. It’s that simple. As a small craft distillery, we are very conscious of the whisky barrels we use and have taken the time to choose our wood carefully. The oak barrels chosen must be of the best quality. The wonderful rich flavours of the barrels will infuse our new make spirit. We have selected wood from locations all over the world to ensure the best flavour experience for our customers. Our casks will be laid down in sight of Stirling Castle…


Here at Stirling Distillery, we will never be producing hundreds of thousand litres a year, our focus will be on the three parts that go into whisky; water, barley and yeast.

The purity of the water used to cut the whisky needs to be of the highest quality so that we can ensure all-natural colourings. The water we use will be from one of the distillery directors’ private springs to ensure a local, clean, fresh, and consistent supply.

Our head distiller will be working closely with Scottish malt and yeast suppliers to make sure we source the very best available.

With the distillery sitting in the Lowland region of Scotch whisky, owner Cameron is conscious of the style of whisky that Stirling Distillery will create. Sitting close to the boundary between the lowlands and the highlands, the distillery can have a bit of flexibility. However, Stirling Distillery under the McCann Family stewardship won’t be making a peated whisky. 

Percentages and Finishing

Stirling Distillery have committed to all their whisky will being released at 46% abv or above, meaning every bottle will be unchilled filtered. In addition, the distillery are ensuring that every whisky released will be a natural colour.

The whisky process will combine both modern and traditional techniques. Our new bespoke stills have been made to fit the shape and size of the still room, but we will uphold traditional whisky techniques of laying down barrels in a dunnage warehouse and hand filling the casks.

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