Casks Sales Sell Out for 2023

Our limited number of single malt casks are officially sold out for 2023.

Each year we offer whisky enthusiasts an opportunity to be part of our whisky journey by purchasing their very own cask of Stirling Distillery single malt whisky, direct from source. There's a range of cask types available which include bourbon, dark rum and sherry casks. Each will add to the gentle flavour of their Stirling new-make spirit to create a perfectly balanced whisky.

We have selected wood for our casks from locations all over the world to ensure the best flavour experience for their customers. Casks will be left to rest for up to 10 years in a cool, traditional dunnage warehouse in the Scottish lowlands in view of Stirling Castle.

We've been overwhelmed with interest in their casks since they launched in 2022. There are only a limited number available for order each year, and we are now taking pre-order requests for 2024. Anyone interested should click here for details.

Our goal is to put Stirling back on the Scottish whisky map as whisky hasn’t been produced in the city since 1852 when the original Stirling Distillery closed its doors.

Alongside the casks, we are also offering access to an exclusive cask club with the distillery where you can join an exclusive whisky membership and receive first refusal of all the distillery’s new releases, as well as receive their limited edition VI Casks for King James six bottle whisky set.

We love to celebrate the rich history and folklore of our famous city through our product range and the King James whisky and cask club is no different.