Cask Sales

Become a part of our whisky adventure with your very own cask of Stirling Distillery single malt whisky.

Choose between our small or full sized casks, as well as the range of cask types available. Every cask is unique; each adding to the sweet flavour of our Stirling new make spirit, to create a perfectly balanced whisky.

We have selected wood from locations all over the world to ensure the best flavour experience for our customers.

Your cask will be left to rest for up to 10 years in our cool, traditional lowland dunnage warehouse in view of Stirling Castle. Whisky hasn’t been produced in Stirling since 1852 when the original Stirling Distillery closed its doors. The distilling of our own new-make spirit began in October 2023.

We are delighted to initially offer the following casks for sale:

Bourbon c.200 litres £4000

Rum (dark) c.200 litres £4000

Sherry (fresh 1st fill) c.250 litres £4950

Quarter Cask c.125 litres (cask finish on request) from £1900

Firkins Casks c.55 litres (cask finish on request) from £950